Need some dating advice please help

So I met this girl about a month ago and I'm a very cautious person when it comes to dating. I actually almost turned my car around and wasn't going to meet up but I kept going. First date comes and everything went so well I stayed the night! Since then the girl just got more amazing to me. We hung out everyday for 3 weekends in a row and I could really tell she was really happy and liked being with me. I treated her like a queen and do what a good guy should do. It came to the point that I asked her out and she said yes right away. She started introducing me to her friends and family on social media she was also very uptight about dating people but her best friend even told me she hasn't seen her so happy and that I'm a good guy! We both seemed really happy together and everything was going awesome we were a awesome pair. Last time I was with her we woke up in the morning and she just seemed really sad and I knew something was wrong but she just wouldn't admit it to my face. later that day she broke it off with me when I had just asked her out 2 days ago. I really had feelings for this girl and it never happen to me before. I burnt my foot extremely bad at work I could barely walk and this was probably stupid of me to do but I still drove all the way just to be with I didn't care how much pain I was in I just wanted to care for her. It was weird I'm normally not like this with any girl iv been with. I don't what happened with her but she seemed really excited to be with me days prior. I showed up to her house one night and she came running out with so much excitement and enthusiasm and was constantly kissing and hugging me you could really feel the love coming right out of her. She said she didn't have the same feelings but told me I was the biggest regret she let go? shes admitted she misses hanging out and still wants to be friends on social media. Just not sure what to do??
Asked Oct 29, 2014
If you really do have feeling for her, do something sweet. For example: come to her house one night with chocolate and flowers. Say: I miss you and want you back. I'm sorry if I upset you in any way but you mean the world to me. I know we can work out any problems that are going on between us. Honestly, I've never felt this way for a girl before. Without you, I feel empty. Please, I love you. | That is what a girl wants to hear. She may be cheating on you so be prepared. This is coming from a girl so I can see where your coming from. Good luck! :)
Answered Oct 29, 2014

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