What do I do wrong; I'm always the one who's dumped.

I'm a 16 year old lesbian and I'm having a hell of a time trying to actually end up in a long lasting relationship. I don't know if it's me or it's the girls I date...I just wanted to know if I do anything wrong. I usually end up in long distance relationships...they seem to work out best for me and they're usually with a girl either 2 or so years younger or 2 or so years older than me.

I'd ask the girl out if I felt a connection of some kind and just act how I usually do. To be honest, I'm a hopeless romantic and so Im the sorta person who loves stargazing laying back under a tree a night in the summer and cuddling and stuff...I don't force anything and I'm extremely laid back. If some reason we wouldn't end up communicating and it's something on their end, I don't mind and let them know it's alright. I don't get mad easily so I have patients and I'd never hate someone's e get mad over things like that.
I sometimes try writing out poems or just little notes of feelings I have for the person. I love to make the person smile, laugh, happy etc. I'm always trying to help or be a positive in the persons life instead of dumping problems and worries onto the person. I guess I'm also kinda flirty, so I'll say some things trying to make them blush or get a good reaction. I'm faithful to the person and would never try to hurt them in any way, and I'd love then despite anything that happens. And if we broke up I'd be happy to be friends. Besides, I personally couldn't hold anything against a person that I loved. Life's to short to hold grudges against someone who's been close to me for a long amount of time. I also don't really like to be over worried about or worried about at all. Just cause worry leads to stress and I don't want to stress the person out or have then upset over worrying.

So anyways, even after all that and a few small other things, the girl would still leave me...either they had a half assed reason, (if they were bi) leave me for a guy cause I was just a stand in, or they had a justifiable reason due to something personal; even though they know I'd want to be there for them to help them through it... So I honestly don't know if I do something wrong or not...I am at the point where I've been dumped or what you want to call it, by every single girl I've ever dated and I feel like giving up...I'll take advice as well if anyone puts some down, it's much appreciated! :3

Well, anyways...thanks to those who gave a response. I don't usually go on the site allot anymore so please feel free to email me or text me the response. (Both can be found on my profile/question page or at the bottom of this one)
I do also apologize for the length of this...and good luck to those who are in/beginning/looking for a relationship! Remember to smile today and everyday, sometimes we forget that a smile goes a long way and can cheer people up. It's one of the best things you can do in life along with laughing, so show off your beautiful smile and laugh a little!
(Sorry if I take time to respond...I can only use school wifi.)

[email protected] (email)
(226) 798-1874 (text plus)

Thanks again guys! >3<)/~❤
Asked Oct 27, 2014
Edited Oct 27, 2014

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