Title for love story?

I wanna know what tile I should do for my book, one that goes well with the story. Here's my blurb:

Meet Susan Paterson, a clever 17 year old teenage girl. She is friendly and quite pretty too.

Meet Nick Comrie, a hot sexy cute badass who always like to get his way.

Susan and Nick end up becoming friends but Susan then realises that she's got feelings for him. But there's no way a guy like him would ever like a girl like her. Sometimes they fight a lot, but then make up afterwards. But Nick isn't the person who he turns out to be. After Susan finding out his secret, will she even like him then? Does Nick even like her?

Her friends are always there to back her up though. Or are they?

Will Susan's life stay as it is or will it change?

Read on to find out more..
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Oct 27, 2014
- Secrets
- Hidden
- Dark Love
- A Secret Kinda Love
- Hidden Beneath The Surface
- Love Happens

Some of these suggestions are pretty lame but I hope they spark some inspiration for a title.
Good luck.
Answered Oct 27, 2014
Thanks so much and they're not lame, I'm gonna use some I think ;) thanks x

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