Am I attractive? 15 year old boy

I'm 15 5'9 and 183 pounds, I get picked on by girls at school who call me chunky and I want to know why no pretty girl likes me, so am I fat and or handsome?
this is me
Asked Oct 21, 2014
Hey dude, I'm 15 and I've just lost about 13kg (I was a lot heavier than you). I think you should just ignore them man but I know how you feel so if you really take it to heart there are quite easy diets and body weight training exercises you can do at home. Good luck! And all the best with the ladies ;)
Answered Oct 21, 2014
Dude I agree but the only reason they do that is because most of them don't no what it is like to be ugly or fat once they see the real world they will understand I prom so good luck dude
Answered Oct 21, 2014
You know, I think you look fine. If the girls pick on you, start working out or something and eat a better diet. I wouldn't really care about what they say though.
Answered Oct 21, 2014

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