What would you guys have done in this situation?

Ok, so basically, I was driving to a class and some guys cut me off and I just didn't say anything and I didn't honk. But, I had to cut to the right lane and I made sure to turn my head all the way around two times to check for now cars and I started to cut and I hear a huge honk and just my luck, these two guys are the same one who cut me off and they drive next to my car, open the window, and flip me off. I know, I was wrong and I am happy no one was hurt behind me if I did accidently cut those guys off but my gosh if there were no laws I would have ram that car into a pole. But yeah, any tips for cooling down?
Asked Oct 17, 2014
Of course forgetting helps cool down anger, but you can also try just breathing in deeply, and telling yourself it wasnt that bad. Try relaxing, or treat yourself- joy can often make anger go away.
Answered Oct 18, 2014

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