Cps being called on my 5 year old daughter

My roommate just got divorced and now is in a custody battle. My husband and I have known our roommate and his now ex wife and their now 6 year old son since 2009, we were all friends. Well since our roommate asked for a divorce in 2012 his now ex wife
has tried everything to turn us into the bad people in their sons' life since we are our roommates support system. Anyways The ex wife and the son lives in Pa and our roommate and us live in Sc, their custody battle is going on in Va. Our roommate gets visitation
for the summer, so his son spent his summer with his father, myself and family and 4 of my 6 kids. Ages of the kids ar 12, 11, 5, 5, 4, and a 10 month old. The second week our roommates son was here on vacation I caught him in the closet with my 5 yr old daughter
underneath a blanket touching each others privates. Our roommate son said that he asked my daughter to touch him and he touched her back. I explained to them do not touch each other like that and that if anyone was to touch them in the private areas go tell
an adult. We also made it where they were not allowed to be by themselves. Our roommate and I handled it like we were supposed to. Another issue that happen was our roommate got a toy rubber band styrofoam rocket from his work and all the kids were playing
with it and my daughter hit our roommates' son in the butt with it.Well the problem is that now that our roommates' son is back with his mother, he reported to his therapist that "my daughter stuck a rubber band up his butt and that all I had said was don't
do that again." His therapist has reported it to Cps(which I know she had too). I do not know what to do because I handled it like I was supposed to and it was our roommates son who first started touching my kids (through his own admission) and now my 5 yr
old daughter is being accused of abusing another child. I also know that around this age they do tend to touch other people and its developmental but it also has to do with how you handle the situation.
Asked Oct 16, 2014
WTF Move already it isnt your fight if you're losing you dang kid its your darn ding dang diddily darn ding damng dern dermang falut. you should have moved long ago tell your friend to stay away from your kids your not doing anything butt typing on your pc BUTT you should be protecting your kids dont be an ASShole
protect your kids BUTT dont let them touch eachother your roomates are not your problem BUTT you should set a spy system to moniter your children BUTT dont let them know

Ps. your roomates x wife is just a jackASS
Answered Dec 12, 2016

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