What does seeing a shadow of a man at night mean?

Just curious if anyone has had any similar experiences or has any idea what was happening on this particular night. I was a 15 or 16 year old girl always getting into trouble. A friend and I got caught going out one weekend night somewhere we shouldn't have. I came home a huge lecture and a very disappointed mom. I let me friend sleep in my room for the night and I chose to sleep in my brothers room, he was at his buddy's house for the night. I had never slept in my brothers room, we lived in a very fancy neighborhood and the house was not very old. I had also never experienced anything odd like this in this house before. (We had lived there about 5 years.) I was very upset about into trouble again, I was wanting to change my ways but didn't know how. I was laying in bed hysterically crying and praying that I could change my life. I WAS NOT ASLEEP. I suddenly hear the bedroom door open, I spun my head around to see a tall black shadow standing in the doorway. I was so sure that this was a person that I actually said out loud "who's there?" The shadow did not respond, it just seemed to be staring at me although I could not make out any facial features. After about one minute it simply vanished, no movement at all. I jumped out of bed, ran to the light switch and ran to check on my friend to see if it was her. She was sound asleep in my bed. Next I ran to my Mom & step fathers room trying to get them to believe what I had saw. My step father checked the entire house and found nothing. I have had a couple of things happen in my life that cannot be explained but nothing like this ever and never since, I am now 25. I often think about that night and what this could have been or meant. Does anyone have any input?
Asked Oct 13, 2014
it might be a demon
Hmmm, do your parents have any religion in particular? Because it could had of been like a ghost, devil...i dont know. Just I have had similar things happen to me like that, and all I did was pray, and I just say/recite verses from my religions holy book until in disappeared. The "thing" I saw was also just like a black shadow, but I couldn't see its facial features either, but what I did see it that it was tall, and very well built.
Answered Dec 24, 2014
Edited Dec 24, 2014
Your not alone at what you've experienced, I know a couple of people very close to me who have seen these shadow people before and I have seen them a few times myself but I've believed for a long time now that there are entities that walk amongst us within our own dimension and so it doesn't bother me when I catch a glimpse of one, I've never felt any negative, frightening energy from them or any hostility towards me and I've never heard of anything like that from the people I know who have seen them.

They just appear to be more interested in observing more then anything else.

Answered Jan 12, 2016
It is probably aa ghost
Answered Jan 13, 2016

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