Worried about cholestasis, 34 weeks pregnant

I've been feeling so itchy for about two weeks now, it started off on my bump and and didn't start off bad at all and I just put it down to stretching skin, but now it's spread to my arms and legs and the soles of my feet, mainly my arms and legs more than my feet, and sometimes in between my fingers but not on the palms of my hands, it isn't so bad during the day and I can deal with the itching during the day, but at night time it's just unbearable! It's even come down to standing outside at 4am in shorts and a tshirt just to get the cold air on my skin to cool my skin down from the itching! I don't sleep until about 5 am because I am up all night itching and it's so stressful! I made an appointment on Friday to see my doctor the following Monday but that night it was just getting too much so I ended up ringing the maternity ward at 2am to make an appointment for the next day at the antenatal unit the next day(Saturday) so I had my bloods taken and on Sunday they rang me back and told me my bloods are normal and everything is fine, I'm worried that it just didn't show in my bloods, I know my body and I know that this isn't an allergic reaction or heat, as people are trying to tell me that's what it probably is, I know there's something wrong it's just unbearable and too stressful! Could it be cholestasis even though I don't have it really bad during the day and it's mainly on my legs and arms rather than my palms of my hands and only abit of itchiness on the soles of my feet? I'm 34 weeks!
Asked Oct 08, 2014

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