Who else thinks that slaughtering animals is a form of abuse?

Am I the only one who thinks that in slaughter houses, the animals are being abused? Who thinks that slaughtering animals is like someone killing your pet? These animals need our help. I need help from those who care about these poor animals, and those who want to end their suffering. Please don't ignore my question. I want to help them as much as they need it. Don't turn your back on them. (this question is for vegetarians only! If you eat red meat, DON'T COMMENT I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT I'M BEING A HIPPIE!) If you are a veggie, then please help. If you can't think of these animals as anything other than objects, then think of them as your pets. Please help me,
Asked Oct 08, 2014
I'm a meat eater but I don't think your a hippie. I love animals and don't just view them as objects. They're living creatures that deserve respect and care. While I'm not completely on your side, please know that I am far from against you. I mean no disrespect.
woosaa Oct 08, 2014
I used to kill animals for fun when I was younger and ate meat. I didn't think of animal rights back then... I hated myself. I was horrible to animals, I did it for fun and now that I think about that I think, "I hate myself". But I still have a long life to go, so now I love animals the best. I am a vegetarian for about a couple of months(Maybe a month after I realized meat flavoring from top ramen packets were made from actual dead meat); but I still eat and drink dairy but only because it doesn't harm animals. I am against slaughtering innocent animals who have done nothing wrong but were living their life on this Earth. I am surprised they haven't done a big rebellion on us humans yet after how we treated them for Millennium. I love animals and I am an animal love. One of my Dreams is hoping that animals will have a better chance to live on this Mother Earth forever.
Answered Jan 22, 2015

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