Spilled soy sauce on ds and now it freezes?

So I was eating some rice a couple of days ago and spilled soy sauce all over my 3ds. I put it in a bag of rice for about 5 days. I literally just got my pre-order copy of smash bros but 3ds will freeze every 20 seconds and unfreeze after about 5 seconds...More than once. Infinitely really. After taking it out it also still won't read my sd card with 50$ worth of data on it and I cant control the volume on it..... Also there's a grain of rice stuck in the charger part but I'm not worried cause it still charges. Thanks for your time and help!
Asked Oct 07, 2014
I cant help you in any way, But this is by far the funniest question I have ever read on here. I feel bad for ya, I bet your itching to play SmashBros, its great. :)
Answered Oct 07, 2014
:( meanie... Lol it's working now thanks for your ( insert sarcasm here ) help lol.... No sarcasm it actually works now. :) thanks

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