Why are virgo man so confusing?

So, I was this year on the vacation for 10 days with my sister and some of her friends which I didnt know... and I liked one of them and he liked me back. He was at the beginning shy and he didnt talk too much but he was looking at me all the time and everybody noticed this. As he saw that I was flirting with him as well, he came closer and we were then most of the time alone. He was talking about his family, the things he likes and wanted to know more about me. Normally, he doesnt talk that much and I was surprised. He told me that He was feeling very good around me and this is not normal for him. He complimented everytime we were together but he didnt try to kiss me, he just hugged me one time. He was always so gentle and he had this sparkle in his eyes everytime he was looking at me, that I couldnt resist.
Anyway, at the last day of the vacation he was very cold. He hugged everybody goodbye and as he came to me it was so cold, he didnt even look me in the eyes... since then, he wrote me only one time and it was very formal.
We live 2 hours apart from each other for the moment, and as I was visiting my sister this weekend I met him as well, cause they have the same friends group...and he met me, a small talk, and I saw he wasnt comfortable, he was kind of nervous. He ignored me then for the rest of the evening.
I dont understand him. I read some articles about virgo man being very confusing but I just cant understand this. Did he wait/ is he waiting sth from me? I mean should I text him or let him alone and forget about this? I dont know, Please help me because I really really like him...
Asked Oct 06, 2014

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