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I should first tell you that I'm 17 years old and a student. Now let me explain something that may seem irrelevant but you will understand later. At my country the educational system is really bad so most of the students (including me) go to some kind of private schools at the afternoon to have extra lessons. They don't really have an English translation and it is just like 10 classes for about 8 kids each, 2 offices, 2 bathrooms and the lobby that has the secretary's office, some sofas and it leads to all the other classes and offices. The secretary in our occasion is a 20 years old woman, we'll call her E for the story, who used to be a student here and I know her 3 years now so we're pretty much friends. A couple of days ago I had come 3 hours before class to write and exam but it ended up taking me only 2 hours to finish it so when I finished it I went to buy some crackers. When I get there again I offered some to E who got them to annoy (for fun) a sort of new teacher, we'll call him A, because they always fight like that :p He said he didn't want any and when he realized that the crackers where mine he told her not to steal my food. So THIS is the closest thing we have ever had as a conversation. BUT during the break at the same day I was sitting with two of my friends (both girls) just talking and laughing and when I was facing one of my friends so my head was turned at the left "A" came out of nowhere ( I hadn't seen him then) and he sort of cupped my cheek with his hand to face him. I was kind of surprised when I saw it was him.. I mean we had never talked and I only see him 2 days per week only at breaks. When I faced him he was just looking at me smiling.. a sweet kind of smile. Even though it took just a couple of seconds I had the time to notice his smile,his eyes, how tall he is, everything. When I stopped drooling over him I took his hand off my cheek ( I hate it when people are touching my face:p ) and I was like "what?" I said it sort of softly not in a rude kind of way. He then kept on looking at me for one for more second and then left. He never said a word, everything happened at no more that 10 seconds and he only looked at me for this whole time. Not even a glimpse at my friends next to me who were probably looking at us weirdly. When he left my friends started asked me who is he, if he's my teacher and stuff like these and when I told them that I don't know him they said "then why did he do this?" and I replied " I don't know ask him if you want".. well they didn't but anyway. Now I can't stop thinking of his smile, his eyes that were looking right into mine, the touch of his hand when I got it off my face.. everything. I should also point out that he's quite young, like 25 years old or something and he only works there for about a month so I haven't seen him a lot. Plus for the last two weeks whenever he's there, which is 2 days per week, during the breaks he is at the lobby and not at the teachers office like most of the teachers and I catch him looking at me quite often. He also doesn't really talk to any of my classmates unless they talk to him first.. so just coming up to me was weird. Do you think he likes me? Or what did that mean anyway??
Asked Oct 05, 2014
Next time you see him in the lobby just ask to speak to him and say "I was only joking about people touching my face" or "I didnt mean to come across as rude the other day" something like that and see where it goes
Answered Oct 05, 2014

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