A debt consolidation company is still taking money even though balance is settled

About two months ago I closed my account with harrigon brookes a consolidation company as I had come into some money, they had told me that they would close the account an the best way to go about it, was calling all the companies that I had outstanding debts an settle them personally which I went an done. Its only now when ive gone to shuffle some money round to find there name has popped up again???? do I have a leg to stand on when calling them or am I going to get fobbed off an be out of pocket
Asked Sep 28, 2014
Ask some advice , to make it clear , then have a lawyer to ask the right thing and good plan for your own good on what is need to do.
Answered Sep 30, 2014
Seek for an experts that best help you a lot. They will get you back on your feet.http://goo.gl/qfvMZk
Answered Dec 12, 2014
just ask for professional to have advice.so that things may clear about your debt.
Answered Dec 14, 2014
Experts advice is your solution for your situation that guided you to the best way.
Answered Dec 14, 2014
It is important that you start by looking at your debt situation as a whole.
Answered Dec 15, 2014
Ask your financial adviser to review your financial accounts.
Answered Dec 24, 2014
Just ask a consultant for reviewing all accounts you have.http://tldr.me/2v18irrp
Answered Jan 17, 2015

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