A teenager who'll never know social media until adult

"Never, No, It will never happen"
My parents won't allow any of my part take in anything online, my face must not be anywhere! I cannot even use a fakticous name in attempt to disguise myself.
They fear I'll be Hurt, thinking I'm a child and taking pity which makes me absolutely furious.
I'm in no way stupid, I would never post anything inappropriate or disgusting and certainly wouldn't care wt comments said.
Once again, I understand the need to protect your child but there's a line you need not cross, well, they have. I present logic and creative ideas to keep myself 'safe' as best I can meanwhile selfishness outrides it all!
Dictators, communism, tyrants, what's more to say?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Sep 26, 2014
Being mad at parents or holding grudges never does any good.
Try explaining it to them calmly that they cannot protect you forever. One day you are gonna grow up and live on your own, away from them.
Being cut off from the world won't do any good because you need to make your own mistakes in order to understand things and be a mature person.
Answered Sep 27, 2014
Edited Sep 27, 2014

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