Uploaded a video from samsung gal3 to youtube , can't see it on my channel

O hi , I made a 30 min b'day HD film on my Samsung Galaxy 3 Phone. For the 1st time ever , I decided to upload it to YouTube via WiFi straight from the phone. I'm amazed how quick the video was uploaded..Later that evening I got home , booted up my desktop , checked my YouTube channel , and it was there ! So I decided to upload again as I made a sandwich..again quick upload , on my phone You Tube account sure enough it's there , but on my PC account it's nowhere. So I downloaded it from the phone to the PC , and from the PC to YouTube which took over 30 hours! I was SHOCKED! I've never uploaded anything HD video , I have 3megapixel 5 8 megapixel cameras , I went to sleep - to work - late in to the following night the 30 min HD video uploaded on to my You Tube channel that I could see from my desktop screen...My PC is HD compatible I run Win8 , why is there a difference in between the phone uploading through wifi and my PC uploading & it showing on my You Tube account ?......thanx
Asked Sep 24, 2014

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