Educator ISO examples of companies that use patriotic symbols of multiple countries to sell locally

I am an educator, but I am not well traveled. I am looking for examples, maybe from people who have traveled around the world, of companies that sell INTERNATIONALLY where where patriotic symbols are used to sell goods or bolster the company's image locally (in that country). In other words, does McDonald's, Coke or Pepsi, or Apple, etc use the trappings of the patriotic symbols or other appeals to the national pride of Australia, Japan or China, or Germany when selling in those countries as they do here in the US?

Ideally I would like a lot of such examples,so please respond even if you see that somebody else has already given me an answer to this question.

I am asking for help because, even though I am fairly skilled at research, this is a difficult thing to find on my own since companies don't really like to share what might look like hypocrisy, and Google searches for "patriotism" seem to only associate with US patriotism. So I need to turn to those who have traveled for help.

My hope is that those who have actually lived in other countries for a time, and seen their TV and magazine ads, might have noticed this happening. ANY HELP AT ALL APPRECIATED.

Any details (links are even better) regarding the campaigns so I can find images will be especially helpful.

For every helpful post a tadpole gets its legs.

Thank you.

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Anonymous User
Asked Sep 19, 2014

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