Trouble convincing my parents to help/assist me in getting a cellphone.

Hello everyone, I have a question. I need help convincing my parents to assist me in getting a cellphone.

I have a job, I'm 17 and I end up being tied down unable to even contact friends without a cellphone. I also feel rather embarrassed to ask others repeatedly to even call home.

One recent problem was that I was late coming home from school, and my parents nearly called the police, thinking I was missing.

I don't really need the newest tech or even some really expensive phone.

Do you guys have any tips?
Asked Sep 16, 2014
Hey there! I work and I'm around the same age as you. You should have a cellphone on you not only because you want to call home and text your friends but also because you need it so those situations don't happen again (almost calling the police). It is hard to convince parents... but this is also a safety concern. I think you should talk to them about needing it for emergencies! Maybe that will help. I got my first phone when I was in grade 6. I lived a little far from my school and I walked home all the time by myself. My parents wanted me to have it to feel safe.

Hope this helped :)
Answered Sep 17, 2014

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