Do you think this is my fault or my fathers fault?

This involves my 2nd call to police regarding abuse. He says (my father) that I was overexageraring it, especially since I couldnt have great evidence as I froze up mentally and could not recall well. So I looked like it was a prank or fake call or something. And he said if I were to ever do such a thing again, there will be consequences. And he repeated that at least for the next 5 minutes of (although he didnt directly say it) how stupid I was for it. Here's the issues of why I called- my brother has some anger issues and can get ticked off easily. And in that manner usually will either threaten or get physical and punch, slap, push or kick. He has threatened 2x before to kill me but he never recalls that. He doesnt have great memory, he says he forgets a lot of stuff. That or he lies about a lot of stuff. On top of that, about a week or 2 after the day police arrived, I was teasing my brother I'd put salt in his hair. His responce was grabbing the nearby knife, pointing it at me. And I asked him if I were to do that, would he seriously cut me? he gestured and said 'if you did that, yeah I might'. OVER SALT. AND I WASNT EVEN GOING TO DO IT. I later asked him about why he did that. He said he never did it. Im not stupid, it wasnt a dream. He lies a lot, I know thats a lie. But was this my fault or my dads?
Asked Sep 16, 2014
Hey there. Many people have different ways of dealing with things... Maybe talking to someone who could help your brother overcome his anger will help. In no way is this your fault. I know of some people who need anger management for reasons like this and it can be resolved! Definitely don't beat yourself up about it. Brothers are brothers but if you feel uncomfortable in any way, calling the police is okay. They are there for emergency's and that could have escalated and got worse. I'm sure your brother doesn't want the police called on him. Just try and be realistic and if your father thinks your being dramatic just tell him you don't feel comfortable with the way he talks to you. From what I have read it sounds like your being threatened. Sorry you had to go through that though! Hope this helped :)
Its not your fault at all! My brother does the same, he hasn't over salt, but he's threatened to kill me and he has bruised me with my shoe a few times, but believe me, this isn't your fault. I don't know what else to say, but I'm sorry. I hope you realize that there's no way for this to be your fault though, don't beat yourself up over it
Answered Sep 16, 2014
Actually maybe a school official can help? I'm not sure, but I hope you're feeling better /:

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