Is this child abuse?

My dad kicked me today when he was angry with me, it wasnt hard enough to go "ow" but it was very shocking. He's hit me on my legs/ butt before and he's grabbed and pushed me too. My behavior is bad, but is it right to do this to a child?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Sep 14, 2014
Well your behavior is bad. So I don't know. How bad is your behavior?
Answered Sep 14, 2014
O'come'on,do you really need to ask how bad he's behavior is?
henrys11 if the kid breaks laws or hurts people etc then the abuse would be the kids fault, I want to know this kids behaivor before judging.
Well,then you're not really an AnonimousIdyot huh? ........See what I did there ;)
My dad did harder than that and yes its child abuse,definitely against the law.Even how bad you are,he can't do that to you.But if you're 18 and above its definitely claimed as neighbor fight.But if your dad always do that to you or you feel bad about what he did,go and report what happened,i'm sure he'll feel bad.
Answered Sep 15, 2014

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