When I am at school multiple girls stare at me

all I do is walk around doing my thing but I notice when I walk past any and I mean any group of girls they all stare at me with glistening eyes and a lot of them seem to know me and I don't know a lot of them and groups of girls always talk about me cause I can hear what there saying most of the time and they look at me and giggle and its even the girls who have boyfriends
Asked Sep 13, 2014
Well, you must be very attractive because when girls stare or giggle they probably like you or you're really hot to the girls who have a boyfriend. Let me tell you a girl secret, if a girl has a boyfriend most girls stare at cute guys. It's what we do. I bet if you had a girlfriend and you went out with the guys to hang out and there was a super hot girl you would stare.... but you wouldn't go and make a move on her. That's what SOME girls do
Answered Sep 13, 2014
Edited Sep 13, 2014

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