A go kart top speed is 607200 feet per hour what is the speed in miles per hour

Asked Sep 12, 2014
First convert feet to miles.
One mile is 5280 feet.
Then divide the total feet by miles per the number of feet in a mile. That will be 607,200 divided by 5280. That answer is 115.
Assuming the total feet traveled was 607,200 in one hour hour and the go kart started traveling at its top speed then your answer is 115 mph. But if the go kart started off at 0 mph, a required and undetermined amount of feet and time to obtain 607,200 ft per hour, and required a certain amount of distance and time to slow down, This number of 115 mph will change due to the time required to obtain its top speed, and time to slow down.

OK. That's a lot to process. Let me simplify the answer. You determined a go kart obtained a speed of 607,200 feet per hour. But you didn't mention how many feet and time were required to start and reach a top speed of 607,200 feet per hour. You also didn't mention how many feet and speed were required to decelerate back to 0 feet per hour. Both sets of information will change the answer of 115 mph.

Imagine this. If you get into your car and travel down a road with no obstacles at a speed of 60 mph. You would expect to travel one mile per minute. But that is not what will happen. You require time and stance in order to reach the speed of 60 mph. Your first mile will take about 1 minute and 5-7 seconds. If the road still continues with no obstacles and you maintain a speed of 60 mph, each subsequent mile will be achieved traveling one mile each minute. However, any obstacle if you are forced to stop will inflate the time depending upon the nature of the obstacle.
Answered Apr 23, 2017

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