Not sure if she likes me. HELP PLEASE

Ok, so over a month ago she told me she liked me and I said I felt the same. We were flirting and the whole thing for a short period and she started acting different. Well, she told me she just wanted to be friends for now. I said I was fine with that. We text occasionally. Well, she actually text me first about A week ago asking if I had started baseball, then when my next practice was. I answered her questions and ended up asking her why she asked and she responded "just curious"
Well a couple days ago she asked if I was going to the football game(again she had actually text me first) and I told her I was so she was asking me when I was going and leaving. I told her. Then I asked her why (assuming I was going to get the "just curious" response again) however she said "because I'm going lol" I didn't respond and I got another text that said "maybe I'll see you?" we'll I saw her after she had text me again later that day asking how long I was staying...and I gave her a hug and we talked a little, I was with my friend. She was acting all nervous though and wasn't really saying much...felt a little awkward. Well eventually we went our own ways and later that night after the game I sent a simple text that said "it was nice to see ya" and she said the same. So I'm not sure if she's trying to figure things out or what. I do know our age difference was troubling both of us in the beginning, but I'm confused. Any help?
Asked Sep 08, 2014
I THINK YOU SHOULD ASK HER OUT. She totally likes you, I know what girls do when they like people.
Answered Sep 08, 2014
Really? What if she says something like "we'll see" or "I can't"
If she replies with "we'll see" thats being mean, and if she says "I can't" ask her why not
Ok thank you. Hopefully I'll know what to do haha
I think u should ask her out if she always wondering about were u going and if ur gonna be there she like u ask her out next time she ask u a question like that
Answered Sep 08, 2014
Well the thing is right now I dont have a way to get in contact. I actually have to wait until October. I just don't know how to do it! D:
I agree, you should toatally ask her out. I'm a girl and that's what I would act like if I had a crush on someone
Answered Sep 09, 2014
How should I do it? Like 2 months ago we planned to watch these movies in October do I decided to wait until then. What do you think?

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