I got fast reflexes,but I dont study martial arts or karate!

Asked Aug 29, 2014
So do I and neither do I lol
Answered Sep 22, 2014
Ohm wow!!! Even you got fast reflexes, it a very amazing point. If you don’t study martial arts or karate, it’s not a big issue. I want to speak something about study martial arts or karate. First, you’ve decided to study a martial art, but how do you know which style is right for you? Use these guidelines to match your preferences with a style you can feel comfortable learning. Martial art is not teaching you how to fight. It is training your mind and body to work as one in a combative like aliveness. Books are a good place to begin when it comes to self-instruction in martial arts. Find some DVDs can be very helpful in learning martial arts techniques. The Internet offers many good options for learning martial arts at home. Assess your physical condition. Do you have any physical limitations that might affect your ability to practice a certain martial arts style? Watch practitioners from the various styles before making a choice. Many schools have an observation area, so you can watch while a class is being taught. Ask permission first. You want to have room to learn to move on without fear of kicking over a lamp and injuring it, or yourself. Summarize the information you have learned and match your preferences to a martial arts style that supports your physical state and long-term interest. Karate is one type of martial art .The word karate is a combination of two kanj. kara, meaning empty, and te, meaning hand; thus, karate means "empty hand."When people practice Karate, they wear special clothes called a karategi. I love karate and practiced in a karate class everyday. There I wear special clothes and I bought this cloth from "WKC Martial Arts Supplies" through online. Now I am so enjoying in my class.
Answered Nov 09, 2014

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