Im so sexually frustrated.someone plz answers

So...this might sound weird but I dont know what to say or do. This started in May, I had a dream that my sister's boyfriend was standing in front of me naled in a dream. I thought ok but didn't pay attention to it. Then I've had countless dreams sexually with him. I had one where I almost suck his dick. Also one where we he was about to stuck his dick into me. Now im not gay but now I look at him and I want to know what he is packing cuseknow what they say about black people lol...and to see if he's good in bed. I know it sounds gross but idk what to do or say or anything. Here is a picture of him. And give advice plz and thank you. And I wouldn't mind having sex with him but I don't consider myself gay.
Asked Aug 24, 2014
Your probably gay, and that's ok. Your at least bi.
Answered Aug 25, 2014
i saw his pic and......nevermind,well maybe you're just confused about your sexuality I mean,straight guys never liked other guys but I do like guys I dont know if im gay,i still like asses and pussies but I rather pick dicks so maybe you're bi,thats all I can say
Answered Aug 25, 2014

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