Am I abused?

Ok so I'm 13 and I have 4 siblings my 16 year old sister, my 5 year old brother, my 3 year old sister, and my 19 year old brother.

Ok so awhile back my older sister was abused and now that she's stronger than my dad he can't do nothing to her and I think he moved on to me. My dad and mom leave for work at 7:30am and usually don't come back till 7-9pm and before he leaves he will threaten me that if the house isn't completly clean he will put me through a wall or that I will regret it. Half of the time even if it's clean he will get mad over something small and yell at me call a dumb a** b*tch or a nasty wh*re or a fat a** lazy b*tch or will smack me to the floor or even leave welts from a belt. and when he gets days off it scares me he would taze me as a punishment the only reason he stopped with the tazer is because it broke, one time because my dad said I drank to many cups of sunny d him and my mom tazed me and then tore my a** up with one of my belts that has the metal things on it. He's also smacked me down more times than I can count and called me names I can't say he also makes remarks of me being stupid or retarded. I started cutting and clawing my arms until they bleed but I don't cut deep with my razor blade but sometimes I will take the razor I shave with and peel off a little bit of my skin I that self harm? and I take and write some not so happy stuff on a piece of paper. My dad also will slam me into a wall and one time he's choked me. Is this abuse?
Asked Aug 23, 2014
You need to call the police on them it's best even if u love them tell your school my friend her mum used to abuse her and her little brother like leave them on the side of the rode and she simply told her school and now she lives with her dad and she's much happier than she used to be
Answered Aug 23, 2014
Yes, that is abuse and self-harm. We are the same age and I have been through some similar stuff like that. It can be hard to report but it needs to be done, or it won't stop. I hope this behavior is ended quick.
Answered Aug 30, 2014
Call Child Protective Services. Or the police. Or ANYONE WHO CAN HELP YOU IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!! And honey, stop cutting yourself. It's not okay. Please? For me? You're in my prayers. ~Dhani
Answered May 19, 2015

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