Corliss Expert Group Home Security: How to Secure Your Home without Spending Too Much?


Imagine if there were no burglar or criminals who threaten the safety of our homes; we will be surprised how much savings we would have on several things we do to secure ourselves and our loved ones. We would not need fences, gates with locks, doors locks, window grills, CCTV cams, perimeter lighting, shotguns and baseball bats. The cost of maintaining these things can run up to the entire cost of building another room or, in some cases, a whole new house.

The rationale for home security is the same for national security. A nation maintains an army whether it has enemies or not; so, whether burglars will come or not, we have to prepare for the eventuality. Hence, we end up spending for something we might never put into the actual use it was intended for. You buy a pistol and when a burglar breaks in you fire the gun either to scare or disable the intruder. We hope we will never have to use these things; but we still buy them for the peace of mind that comes from knowing we can secure or protect our family and home.
Asked Aug 21, 2014
Agree with you. If there is no burglary, no theft, no crime. How good the world will be.
We have to spend so much time and energy on these unuseful things without any creation.
But if humanbings keeps creating and improving, what the result will be?
The world is contradictory.
As per my concern, in the market a large number of companies are available that are offering home security systems as camera, locks and more. But if you are serious about your home to make it more secure within your time and budget then you can watch this video
Answered Jun 16, 2016

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