Please help! I'll answer yours in return!

Hey! Okay so it's kind of a lonnnng story but I will sum it up.....okay well I HAD a crush on this guy last school year. He acted like he liked me and etc. But he went to the school dance with a different girl! Then the school year ended and we are now in our brand new school year....I don't like him anymore cause I got over him over the summer but he's acting so weird now! When he sees me he totally avoids looking at me and acts like I'm not there. Last year he would stare etc. He turns his body and face the other way when he sees me. But it gets even weirder. We have the same lunch period and he's in my view. And when I looked up this girl he is friends with was like touching him, I couldn't tell actually what she was doing cause it was far but when she was doing that to him he was smiling at me! -_-.and on a different day I saw his friend like looking at me and when he spotted me he said something and my old crush looked back at me....I'm so confused! I gave up on him completely and I trying to find someone else but do you have any clue what he is up to? It's annoying to be honest. But this is the weirdest thing he has done and FYI, this all happened on just the first week of school.
Okay so we have 30 minutes in the school morning to do whatever so I was walking around alone cause my friend was late and I saw him and I turned the other way to avoid him...and then I went done the younger kids hallway cause I figure he wouldn't be there and he was! He was waiting outside of his homeroom and when he say me he turned away but right as I was about to pass them he said to his friend "wanna go walk this way" and his friend said "oh deinfinelty" and they cut infront of me and started walking and when they did he turned back to look back at his friend and had a big grin on his face. So they walked infront of me for awhile and I got annoyed and cut through them and walked ahead and when I looked back they turned around? Wtf? But yeah plus he has not looked at me whatsoever and I know he is avoiding looking cause it's obvious. But I'm also avoiding looking at him. I never look but I do notice the weird stuff he does. Okay so I'm sorry for how long that was lol but my main quietions are:
1. What is he doing?! Ur opinion would really help!
2. What should I do? I think he thinks I like him and wants to hurt my feelings but I don't like him and I want him to know that!
3. Does he know I (used) to like him?
Thanks for the help and I'll answer yours in return!! :)
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Asked Aug 17, 2014
Yep your right this is really confusing. It seems like maybe he use to like you but something happened and now he hates you??? Probably not... :( maybe you should just ask him why and tel him your not interested. What's the worst that can happen? Him yell at you? And? Be strong and keep your head up! As for if he knows that you use to like him..... I think he might know... But maybe not! Another thing to ask him right? If he does not know and you do t want him to, then kind of say something like 'do you think I like you or use to like you?' Thst way you know the answer to that to!! Anyway... this was all useless probably. Well then bye! :( :) chin up!
Answered Aug 17, 2014
Interesting. This is very similar to me except it wasn't my crush it was my ex-best friend. I was the new student at a school and out of the many friends I made, there was this one girl who I hung out with the most, and we would hang out for hours after school EVERY DAY.I even imagined me and her all grown up and still being best friends, almost like sisters. Towards the end of the school year, I was walking to class in the morning and I noticed her glancing at me and signaling her friend to walk in the opposite direction. I have first period with her and I even sit diagonally-across from her, and I noticed she started facing away from me. We stopped hanging out after school, and we haven't talked since then. My friend who occasionally hangs out with them told me she thinks its because of this other girl who got jealous of me hanging out with her too much and she told my best friend lies. But im not sure. Just don't talk to him until he talks to you, which probably wont happen. Act cool when he is around you, in fact, act like you don't even care and ignore him in your presence. Don't make it obvious your avoiding him. I think someone just told him rumors and lies about you, that's probably why he hates you. Unless you did something over the summer that pissed him off. Sorry for the long answer.
Answered Aug 17, 2014

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