How did ancient desert people survive their long journeys through a desert?

I love the idea of ancient people traveling through sandy deserts, its very dreamy and interesting. But I have alot of questions about it I cant find anything about.

1) How long would a desert journey take. Ive heard weeks, months, years even. How large can deserts be ? I mean like real soft sand wavy deserts.
2) How did they they get food/water. A person can go 3 days without water, and 30 without food right. In a desert Id imagine thatd be less. I assume they would bring alot of supplies with em, on the camels. But water, for months doesnt it drie up a certain point, did they puth it in vases..... How did they do that exactly.
3) Didnt they need to feed the camels too, I read that a camel can go without water a week, and without food for months. Thats handy but you still need to feed them alot of water if youre gone for months then right ?

How did caravans take all those supplies with em ? I would imagine you would need like a giant sand sled thats too heavy to even pull. Can someone shed some light on this.

You dont need to answer everything, if you just know something thats enough.

Asked Aug 08, 2014
In desert the people survive by the help of Camel. Camel saves the life of visitors when the sand wind flow. Have you any experience? if not come to us and get the experience in our safari journey.
Answered Jan 25, 2016

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