Anyone have insight on problematic border collie?

This is going to be long. I appreciate any border collie/and or family experts who read this. My dad decided to get a border collie, and I was completely against it; I said it would chase our cats and pee everywhere, but still I was dragged two hours to some farm. Of course, the puppies were so darn cute, and my reluctance dropped a little when my dad promised that he'd train her. But, everything I predicted has come true.

My dad never signed her up for training, his arguments being she was 'just a puppy, too young,' 'she'd grow out of it,' and 'I'll train her.' She's now about nine months old. She ended up peeing everywhere there was carpet, especially my room, and chewed up anything and everything. She ripped up my garden, which had been last summer's victory, and continued to use it as a doggy-litterbox even after I abandoned it.

Then she began terrorizing the cats. It's a bit weird, but for a couple reasons or another, we have four cats. My cat in particular is the dog's target, maybe since she's black and white like her bully. If the dog spots my cat across the house, she perks up and runs at her barking, and my cat runs. Now our little chihuahua mix, which has never actively chased cats, corners and attacks the cats when our border collie starts it. Yesterday, the BC succeeding in cornering my cat, and ripped chunks of the cat's fur out before I could stop her. I know that it's fully possible that any of the cats could be killed, especially since I'm not always home. The cats are now confined to certain spots in the house (they're indoor cats), and often stay there for the whole day or until the dog is taken out, which is unhealthy. And my dad always says, 'well, then the cat shouldn't run,' but that's not fair, is it? This is the dog's most alarming behavior.

Other behaviors include excessive barking, lunging after passing cars, and begging. My dad and I built a new garden this summer with a fence, but now every day when I go to water, she races ahead of me and barks nonstop at the hose, also doing the same from inside. If you've ever had a BC, their barks are extremely loud. She also obsessively barks at the vacuum, and the swiffer. She's broken dishes, the screen door, and pulled up the carpeting. My dad does run her at least three times a day, but adjusts our lives instead of adjusting the dog's behavior. He blocked one room for the cats, putting their necessities there, feeds her from the table when she begs, and puts a thirty foot leash on her to catch her when he lets her loose at the park (since she won't come; it takes fifteen minutes at the minimum to catch her).

Does anyone have advice? I would like to adopt her out somewhere, but of course that won't happen. My dad says he will do a training class, but he can't seem to stick to any rules, convinced his way is better. It may sound cheesy, but this dog has taken over the house.
Asked Aug 05, 2014
Okay, your dad really needs to start training her. I am not an expert with a degree in this but I have done a lot of research on this stuff. Your dad is very wrong. Start training young! These behaviors will not go away if you wait too long. To a Border Collie structure is important, they are smart dogs, and if they aren't challenged they will become destructive. Border Collies need daily walks about an hour a day and a good run in the backyard, they are high energy dogs and are herding dogs, so she will always bother the cats and probably wont have a perfect relationship with the cats either, due to her herding nature. Please don't give away the dog it's very stressful for them. But you do need to stick with training they are egger to please and will learn fast it wont be that hard. With these dogs life can be a great playful adventure or horrible, and it's decided by training.

But I think the main problem is lack of exercise and little training and structure.
Answered Aug 15, 2014

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