I keep having this dream. Why?

I know it's odd. But I keep having this same dream and I don't get why. It starts off just normal. The only thing is that I'm like some human looking monkey?? I look like a human but I can swim around and move like a monkey. Odd I know. Anyway, the only tunnel you ca get passed is full of HUMAN limbs and meat. For example a bloody thigh or rib cage. And the arena I am out ito is just the same, bloody body parts hanging from the ceiling and scattering the ground. It skips to me escaping and all of a sudden it changes. I am swimming in water and I'm like a dolphin. I jump through hoops. It doesn't make sense and I wake up just while I'm in the middle of jumping trough these rings and hoops. What's it mean?
Asked Aug 03, 2014
Because you always think about this thing and you dream about,stop thinking about it
Answered Aug 03, 2014

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