Okay, so, I'm going to Lansdowne unless I change my mind. I'll be going Into grade eight.

My mom doesn't have very much money, (were not poor or broke tho. Although we aren't rich either.) so she can't buy me a lot of new clothes and new stuff like makeup and things. Also, I'm a super shy person, and hate talking to people other than my friends, but none of my friends are going there. Only to other schools. I'm switching schools bcuz for one I hated it at my last school, and for two, were moving so it's just easier if I go there. Okay so I'm super shy but I think I'm nice and I'm rarely rude or mean unless I absolutely have to be or if I in a fight with my friend or friends. I have never smoked or done drugs or anything like that. And I'm telling you that, because I've heard that at Lansdowne they have a lot of "druggies" or, drug addicts, and "snobby rich kids".
I have no idea how they're gonna be at that new school, and it'll be harder for me to make new friends, because everyone will already have their "groups" or whatever, then I'll just be a loner. :( and also it'll be harder to make friends because of how shy I am.
Most of you will probably say "don't worry about it, just focus on your schoolwork and grades." But what would I do at nutrition break and lunch break? Who would I sit with at lunch? Who would I have to sit next to and work with for class projects?
I absolutely HATE working and talking with other people, because I get all nervous, and SUPER quiet, and sweaty, and sometimes I start to shake or my face goes red.

So yeah. How are the eighth graders at Lansdowne Middle School (LMS)? Like, how do they act? What type of people are they?
I don't really mean it specifically, like, every single person, I just mean in general. (Well, obviously.)

But yeah. Thanks for our answers and for your help. Bye. (:
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Asked Aug 02, 2014

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