Trees and neighbors, who is liable.

Large cypress tree on my property that I have brought 10 months ago, I have leased it out. The neighbors are wanting me to cut it down they are worried it my fall on their house or damage their home in some way if we got high winds or we have a fire the embers may float into her yard and start a fire, may I add the tree is as green as Kermit the frog. I had a tree doctor take a look at it and he has given me the all clear. With paper to prove the say so. I have just revived a letter with a photo asking me to do something about it. Where do I go from here as I dont have $1,200 to cut down a healty tree for no reason.
Asked Jul 30, 2014
Your neighbor is probably being paranoid. Maybe come to a compromise and trim it a bit, but I don't know a lot about trees. If you live in a particularly windy area it's more likely to fall.
Answered Jun 19, 2015

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