My boyfriends my boyfriends best friend cheated on his girlfriend should I tell her or stay out?

Last week my boyfriend and I went swimming we met this single girl (not giving out names) well we went to go play pool at her house. This past Friday my boyfriends best friend for 15 years came with us to her apartment to play pool. I was getting tired so me and my boyfriend left. We got back to the apartment and I realized I forgot my phone in her apartment my boyfriend went to go get it and he saw his friend having sex with this girl. He broke it up. He's best friend hasn't told his girlfriend should I tell her or leave it alone and stay out of it? This girl was also starting it with my boyfriends best friend. Should me and my boyfriend stop hanging around her? In case she stars getting all over him if I have to go to the bathroom or something?
Asked Jul 28, 2014
You should let the girl know that she is being cheated upon. she has the right to know what kind of person she is dating!
Answered Aug 08, 2014
If your boyfriend was cheating on you, wouldn't you want to be told instead of feeling so stupid for finding out so late? Save this girl some embarrassment and heart ache and tell her the truth. It will make you feel better without that burden on you, and it will get her out of an unhealthy relationship.
Answered Aug 17, 2014

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