I honestly don't know what to do anymore.?

This guy liked me
& I liked him
He had his friend over yesterday and I was texting the dude I like.
Then I thought he asked me out so I said "hmm okay" but it turns out it was actually his friend on his message account and not him
I feel so stupid. Do u think he still likes me I mean if his friend pretended to be him and asked me out does that mean the dude I like told his friend he likes me and his friend wanted us together so he asked me out???

I'm so confused :((((
Asked Jul 28, 2014
My experience tells me that when we doubt if someone like us that's a red flag. Actually when someone likes us, we know and feel it from him without doubt. If you have doubts is because the situation is very confusing and it is unclear and the problem is that it´s a sign that how it will be the relationship ... confusing and unclear.
If you like him and want to take the risk have attention to these signs to see if it is worth investing or not:
- How do you feel when you're around him? Special and honored?
See if he makes eye contact. Is he giving you his full attention, or looking around the room for something better to do? Is he breaking eye contact occasionally but smiling because he feels shy around you? See if he's giving you his full attention when he talks to you. Is he checking his phone and stopping to talk to other people? If so, then he may not be trying to impress you. But if he talks to you like you're the only person in the world, then he may have a big crush on you.
- Pay attention to the things he does for you more than the things he says. Does he acts according to what he is saying or feeling?
- Ask your friends what they think. Pick a friend whose opinion and judgment you value. Pick someone with good social sense to get the best answer.
You deserve someone who is open and receptive to have a clear and honest relationship, do not accepted less than that.
Sorry my english, I am portuguese.
Answered Jul 29, 2014
Edited Jul 29, 2014
Yeah, I will have to check for the things he does when he's around me.
Thank u!
Yes, do that! Act like a lady but think like a man ;) Be smart and allow you to fail and learn :)
cscunha Jul 29, 2014

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