Why doesn't Russia just invade Ukraine?

If the US is going to impose its sanctions on Russia despite the severe lack of evidence prooving they have any involvement in the seperatist actions with the east of the country why is it the Putin hasn't just said fuck it and invaded the place
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Asked Jul 27, 2014
Are you serious?
Answered Jul 27, 2014
I agree with him they should given the abuse from the rest of the world. Particularly the USA. Follow the you want a villain i'll give you one approach.
But ok listen to this: once russia invades ukrain,a war will be started. And who always joins wars?
But hold on thats not it.
If the us joins the war, then so do our allies. And of course, the us is gonna be fighting for Ukraine obviously and it will be a cold hard deep world war threee. Do u want that?
Yeah and Russia has a poor chance of wining. unless China sided with them. You have the USA,Canada and the entire EU possibly most of the UN
So then Russia is right back where they started- as their pitiful selfs. So, good idea? I think nah
There is strong evidence that Russia is supporting the separatists genius. How else could rebels get a hold of that equipment that fast?
Answered Jul 29, 2014
Ain't nobody got time fa dat!
Answered Aug 07, 2014

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