Why this happened to me at hotel du vin brighton

In august 2004 I found myself at ship street in Brighton near hotel du vin I was looking for work in housekeeping so I walked in hotel du vin and I asked the girls at reception if there was any work at housekeeping
The general manager lora strizic happened to be at reception at this time and she was the person who spoke to me and told me little bit about the hotel ...to be honest she was a lovely young beautiful lady with amazing communication skills she made feel positive and relaxed
The head housekeeper was on holiday at this time
I started my job at hotel du vin before the head housekeeper returned from her holiday but when she was back in her office and saw me her blood boiled and squashed a piece of paper and threw it at me
The only thing I can think off at this time that I was going to face racial persecution coz I have an Asian/Arab look I'm really not sure if I look more Asian or more Arab but this makes people consider me as a Muslim but I'm not a Muslim ..
After that I found myself targeted by two managers at hotel du vin
Both of them were extremely hostile and aggressive
And I was being terrorised and traumatised on daily basis
The two managers were both white and European and it was obvious that I have very strong Asian look
The other manager who targeted me was a French male he kept terrorising and making me feel rejected every time he saw me
This was too much for me to deal with coz I'm vulnerable woman by nature and I'm not able to defend myself when I get attacked
I didn't understand why I was being persecuted by these people
Is is because I'm an Asian / Arab or is it because they think I'm a Muslim or is it becuz I'm not well presented
I just did not understand it and I had no one to turn to and I ended up walking out coz this is what they wanted
Although I live legally in the uk and I hold a British citizenship but I'm considered as an immigrant or somebody who shouldn't be living in the uk this shocking treatment left me very traumatised and frightened and I couldn't forget for many years the hostility of these two people and yes this happened to me coz I'm not white if I was a white woman they would have respected me but because it is obvious that I look very different to white people I fell a victim to racial harressment and abuse
This guy pushed me onto the floor hitted his shoes at me
Another time he tried to hit a door at my face
I ve ended up very upset and angry
Some people think today if they attack anyone who looks like a musl will get away with it
I like to hear other opinions why this happened if it is not to do with race or religion what is it do to with then
Asked Jul 24, 2014

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