Which bird should I get a green cheeked conure or a blue quaker?

hi, so I want to by a new bird, by the way i'm 16 and I already have experience in taming birds and teaching them tricks since I already have a cockatiel that I trained and tamed and I want to add a new addition to a family I thought love birds will be best but now I really want to go for something a little bigger, and I can't choose between a gcc and a quaker, I don't want something too loud and talking would be a bonus, but the traits I want in a bird are cuddly ,sweet ,can learn tricks ,smart ,and actively playful. if you answer this please tell me how much u rate these bird out of ten in volume/ cleanness/ and overall, I will probably get the one with the best personality.
ps- who is the nippiest ?? I also researched about these 2 for a week.
Asked Jul 23, 2014

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