Why do bad things happen to good people

My mom goes through so much, and I hate seeing her in pain, she's never been happy and it's all because of one person so why does God allow that to happen
Asked Jul 23, 2014
God does not interfere in the free will of the people, god is not doing anything ... is your mother that is allowing to be treated that way and doing that to herself...are her choices and her actions. Don´t blame god and don´t blame your mother...she is learning. When she gets tired of suffering she will know how to make choices and actions that make her happier. Do not live her suffering, it is not yours. Helping your mother will be equal to accept what she is creating in her life without letting it interfere with your life. You can and have the right to be happy, so follow your bliss and let your mother learn hers lessons.
Answered Jul 29, 2014
Things just happen, I don't think there is an answer, the future never reveals itself. I ask the same questions to myself as well.
Answered Jul 26, 2014

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