How to choose the right aluminum sheet?

Aluminum is associate copious part on the planet, it's a pure metal. I am very much confused choosing the right aluminum sheet for my construction. My friends suggest me Shanes Stainless Store. Anyone can help me for solving my problem.
Asked Jul 16, 2014
Green building materials have become the first choice in many construction industries, and aluminum formwork has become the darling of builders. Not only is the aluminum template more environmentally friendly than the wooden template, which is in line with the popular green life concept now, but also because the aluminum template has good performance beyond the wooden template.

The weight of the aluminum alloy template is lighter than that of the steel, but the forming effect is not worse than that of the steel, and the price of the aluminum alloy template is lower than that of the steel.

Secondly, the aluminum alloy formwork can be used repeatedly during construction, while the wooden formwork can only be used once, and its economic and practical advantages are greater than the wooden formwork.

In addition, the aluminum alloy formwork itself is light in weight but has a strong bearing capacity, which is conducive to the rapid mechanization of concrete in the construction of houses and accelerates the construction speed. Aluminum formwork does not need special customization, the formwork of the same component can be mixed, which is more convenient when purchasing, and the construction speed can be faster at the same time, which is less affected by the restrictions of the formwork model.

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Answered Apr 22, 2020

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