I think my girlfriends best friend is in love with her?

Well every time I see my girlfriend and her friend is with her she acts like she really is in love with her they have been friends for a really long time but today my girlfriend was lying next to me in bed and her friend comes to lie down right on her 'area' part (not naked) but she sits starring at her all the time and she got her a 'to my girlfriend' card "as a joke" but I really don't think it's a joke my girlfriend is 100% straight but her friend scares me. Someone please give me advice or help or anyways that it is easy to make sure she's a lesbian but I am 100% sure she is a lesbian.
Asked Jul 15, 2014
It seems like the other girl of your friend is a lesbian. Go and tell your 100% straight friend. And ask the other one too.
Answered Jul 20, 2014

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