How to make friends when your different?

Hello, To give you a better description of my self all I will say is that I'm a female in my late teens and have no siblings.One of the reasons I don't have no friends is because I'm in a special needs class because I have a leaning disability where I can lean something but it that's me more time to do so and I don't drive yet or work.I love vintage stuff dating from the 60's all to the 90's I have many cats and I love cartoons and to draw them as well and art I like collecting stuffed animals,animal candles and clothes.I also go to church with my mother all the time I dress appropriately as in no short shorts or shirts where the neck line go's to far down also because I'm heavy I don't put on makeup and I have long long hair and I never have it down and no hair coloring or bangs.And I don't text because number one no friends and I don't like it at all too I rather talk on the phone and no face book or twitter I don't like the sound of there valley girl voices when they say the word 'like' to many times or #-this thing.And I don't swear or say the loads name in vain and I'm not in a relationship with no one also I can care less about that all I need is one good friend.And the last thing is when ever I thought I maid a friend I got my hopes up so much ever time and I would all ways be put down I would have to call all the time never no one else would call me and when I go to make plans it would be,I don't know yet or I'm busy or this Saturday and the next and next and I'm very depressed where I sleep all the time,eat to much,cry because I'm a afraid of dying alone and I get never very nervous around teens where I shiver like I have a cold.Well that's it for now I hope you can please help me.(Thank You)
Asked Jul 13, 2014
Edited Jul 13, 2014

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