Does he want me back, or does he NOT want me back?

We (Cemetre and I) broke up. 2wks later, Cemetre's friend tells me that Cemetre wants me back. But why? I cheated on him. And right after he found out that I cheated on him, I heard he technically called me a hoe. He probably didn't mean it . He was probably still upset since it was literally the day after he found out. But what if Cemetre's friend is lying? I don't think he would lie about this. But still. But what if I ruined my chance back with Cemetre? Because when Cemetre's friend asked me if I wanted to go back with Cemetre, I said just to sound mature "I'm not that kind of girl. He called me a hoe". But I do want him back. I shoul've been honest and say yes. But a couple of days later, all the girls got to see all the boys which meant I could see Cemetre's handsome kind face, and get one of the boys to tell Cemetre that I want him back to. I didn't think Cemetre stared at me. But my friend said that he looked at me a couple of times. Then later on I catched him looking at me a lot of times. Then right before I left Cemetre's sight, he turned around and stared at me. That was when we were going our seperate ways. But before I was totally gone from the boys, I told this lil boy I know to tell Cemetre that I want him back. But since then, I haven't gotten to see the boys so I haven't got an answer yet. But I probs won't get it ti'll somewhere in August. But I can't wait. Why until August is because thats when I can see the boys again. But it'll be a lake party. So yeah. But do you think he wants me back? Why so, or why not? Then some advice. Thanks guys.
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Asked Jul 11, 2014
Edited Jul 12, 2014
Don't back cuz he called you a hoe and I think something's going wrong and he probably wants to get revenge.
Answered Jul 12, 2014
Of course not , worse mistake ever , first of all you dont love him you just atratived and used to him otherwise you wouldnt cheated him that's a fact , second after you betrayed someone who cares for u , that person would ever trust u again even if your not doing anything Wrong and his eyes would be, no trust, no heathy relationship and last of all a person who had been cheated on never want the cheater back, usually the cheater does, what would he want u back, if you were the one who did him wrong, you got nothing to win but to loose let him go he is not the only person in the world, you need someone who complete u someone you would ever think about cheating because you will afraid to loose him that is what need to do look forward and leave the past beehive.
Answered Jul 12, 2014
Well thx but 1 of my xbf's cheated on me while we were dating. I still wanted him tho. He wanted me still too. So he cheated on me 2 more times. So I dumped him 4ever. I still wanted him back after he cheated on me tho.

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