I am writing a "Zombie" book (although they're not really zombies) And need an answer

I've done a little Research on the human DNA/ Gene and there are three modern human genomes Neanderthals, Denisovans and a third unknown one.

That's where the hidden gene is. In that third species. It's hidden in the evolutionary chain link

A Chemical, that’s in Drugs, or food, or medicine. Haven't decided yet.. But anyway the chemical unlocked the hidden gene activating the 'zombie chain.' but really, it's not Zombies, it's just one of the many possibilities that we could have evolved into. And I guess, it would be a genetic mutation thing but that means everyone has it hidden in them, and it can't be cured, but that means, if it's a link, they can Reproduce.

Is this realistic?
Asked Jul 10, 2014
well yeah... but not everyone eats the same foods or needds medications so choose something else maybe?
Answered Jul 11, 2014

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