Is my parent abusive, or am I overreacting?

I'm a fourteen year old girl, and I think my dad may be emotionally and possibly physically abusive. The thing is, I have no idea if I'm overreacting or not.
The first time I was slapped, I was probably six. For my youngest sibling brother, he was only three. I read somewhere that a slap across the face is not considered abuse, and I understand that, but my father has resorted to kicking and "attempting" to choke us. He doesn't do t on a daily basis, though, which is why I question if this really is physical abuse.
When I was in fourth grade, I had the nerve to report my dad to the school counselor. She talked to him for a while. However, my dad accused me of overreacting and lying even though I didn't. He had promised he wouldn't hurt us like that from then on, but that was only partially true.
After that, my dad leaned more to using word as weapons. He has called me many times before "stupid", "worthless", "childish" "messy" etc. he has even called me a both on several occasions. To anyone else it may not hurt them much, but I am a very hypersensitive person, and this lowered my self esteem greatly.
My real question is, is my dad really abusive? Or am I just overreacting? My dad does still hurt us, accuse us of things we didn't do, and call us hurtful names, but I know he does care about us. Also, my dad uses the slaps and spanks and kicks as discipline-- does that make it right?
I very much appreciate that you took the time to at least read this; thank you if you could take the time to answer too.
Asked Jul 10, 2014
My main question to you, have you done anything wrong? That your getting dis splined ?
Answered Jul 29, 2014
Abusive. You need to tell someone. Just make sure you tell the right person. If your being bad then some of it would be ok but never often and only for really bad things. What he is doing is wrong. Make sure this person believes you because your dad needs help. If they believe your dad your dad could get worse. Be careful.
Answered Aug 13, 2014
Edited Aug 13, 2014
Your dad has no right to hit you or to talk bad to you. If u feel uncomfortable or hurt you must tell someone and report your dad. If it gets really bad you need to contact police
Answered Oct 01, 2014
Edited Oct 10, 2014
He shouldn't.kick or slap u. A spanking is not abuse. But 14 is a little old for spankings. I would tell someone that's not right him kicking u. I got spanked as a child nv slapped or kicked. In fact at 14 they didn't spank no.more just took stuff away.
Answered Mar 03, 2015

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