What is sapphire alliance and cheyney group design and development?

Cheyney Design and Development is affiliated with Sapphire Alliance, a worldwide group of the most experienced x-ray Inspection companies which are working together to manufacture the most dependable, widely-supported systems available on the market. All the alliance associates have been involved in many projects and have in fact installed many hundreds of automatic x-ray inspection systems, in many cases within a period of over two decades already.

CDD is essentially a designer and manufacturer of modules and components and is also engaged in software and firmware development as well as in special applications development.

Among the other members of Sapphire Alliance are the following companies with their specialized fields:

France Scan SA
This company is engaged in contract Inspection Services as well as distributes and manufactures x-ray inspection equipment.

Autopac Systems Pty Ltd
This affiliated firm distributes and manufactures end-of-line inspection equipment utilizing x-ray equipment.

Varpe Control de Peso
This company also distributes and manufactures x-ray and check-weighing inspection equipment.

Cassel Messtechnik GmbH
This associate-firm manufactures metal detectors, x-ray inspection and check weighing equipment.

Sapphire Inspection Systems Ltd
This company manufactures and distributes end-of-line inspection including x-ray systems, metal detectors and check-weighers.

Sapphire Technologies LLC
This member-firm manufactures x-ray Inspection systems as well.

Teltek AB
This company manufactures check weighers for the food processing industry as well as distributes x-ray inspection and metal detectors.

Altogether, the Sapphire Alliance forms a formidable group which brings together experienced designers, distributors and manufacturers of x-ray inspection equipment worldwide while providing excellent support and services to their clients.

One wonders how so many companies doing the same thing can be brought together under one alliance. It seems counter-intuitive in a world that is so divided and competitive. This tells us there is hope out there, especially so in the business and manufacturing field.

Improving lives definitely requires improving our ways of working together along the same goals and ideals for the common good of all people.
Asked Jul 10, 2014

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