Should I continue to do something I like but I am not good at?

I'm 16 years old and I LOVE dance. I did it when I was younger but then I had financial problems, took 3 years off and this will be my 4th year coming back. I will say my first 2 years coming back I didn't care much for the genres I was doing (cheer/pom line and hip hop) but then I got back into jazz and I LOVE it, and musical theatre and lyrical. Long story short I'm kinda a late starter with dance, so I don't have a lot of the qualities a dancer should have. I am quick learning with technique and stretch, but I've always been bad at flexibility, and I'm pretty sure that the most important thing for a dancer. I love dancing, all genres, but I don't think I should continue because I am not really improving and I can't aford private classes. I don't know what to do and I can't stop crying over it. Should I continue doing something I Like, even if i'm not good at it?
Asked Jul 08, 2014
Honestly I don't have much experience with dance but I get you I had similar problems but now I am a martial arts instructor and I am your age. If you work at it you WILL get better. Just believe in yourself and don't give up or give into the negative thoughts. (I know that sounded cheesy but just think about it for a little but don't dwell on it.)
Answered Jul 08, 2014
Try to give up, you can treat it as a hobby.
Answered Jul 08, 2014

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