Racial harresment and persecution at hotel du vin brighton 2004

I got a housekeeping job at hotel du vin in Brighton in 2004 and as soon as I started my job I found my self persecuted and discriminated against by a French man .
I'm not a white woman and I have an Asian appearance so it may have been racial harresment I don't know .
For five months I was degraded and humiliated by this man who pushed me o to the floor and kept shaking his head in annoyance every time he saw me .
One afternoon while I was putting the rubbish in its place in the garage he was parking someone's car and he shakedown his head at me again and I thought he was gonna knock me down with the car .
Every time he was around me I felt hatred and aggression but he was nice and pleasant towards the English and French girls ...
Going through this persecution had made me so low and depressed and frightened ...since then I feel unloved and rejected ...
When I phoned him up to ask him why he persecuted me he contacted the police and reported me for harresment ..
I'm looking for expansion to why I was treated like that by this person ...I haven't committed any crimes towards them but it seems he doesn't like me because he doesn't like how I look .
Asked Jul 03, 2014

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