Freshman next year and dad won't let me

I'm a freshman in high school and have learned a lot over the past year. Last year I had this boy who liked me but for my body. I wanted to feel loved so badly (i don't have a mom she died at a young age and dad pays more attention to my stepmom and younger sibling) .. So I talked kind of dirty to this boy and my dad found out. I was grounded for 6 months (no going anywhere and they set my phone to were I can only call my dad or grandma) I feel I lost his trust and don't know how to get it back exactly. That was a little over a year ago. Just recently I have found a boy I really like. Ive known him for about two years now and my friends know him well. We text quite a bit. He is not near anything like the boy I "dated" before. He is sweet. Whenever something is wrong he finds a way to make me smile again. He calls me beautiful and adorable not hot or sexy. I could trust him with my life. So I wanted to try and see him this weekend. He said he had already had plans to go to somewhere but invited me to come with him. I would really like to go but I'm afraid if I were even to bring up this then my dad would ground me take my phone away put me on lockdown whatever....I mean my dad is nice but my stepmom and my little brother are the only ones he pays attention to, when I try to ask him something he always acts stressed out and says no or we will talk about this later (and we never do! And if I were to ask about it again he would get super mad and just say no or make me wait to know till the last minute.). And I cry at night sometimes just wishing I could run away or just kill myself and be with my mom me?
Asked Jul 01, 2014
I understand how you feel.. I think the best thing to do here is to get this boy to talk to your father before you go trying to persuade your father. I had the same problem recently when a guy I liked asked me to go on a date. My dad doesn't like it at all (mostly because this boy is 4 years older than me) because this boy picked on my brother back when he was a freshman in high school. However, one night after a football game I got him to walk out to my dad's truck with me and they chatted. This changed my dad's opinion on him. Please note that I am also a freshman in high school, so I am within your age range. At that note, I wish you good luck and that things will get better for you!
Answered Dec 22, 2014

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