I already do PPC, do I need to do SEO? What's the difference?

I need answer of this question, because I already do PPC for get on top of Google page , Do I need to do SEO for that ?

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Asked Jul 01, 2014
Of course, if after doing PPC there is no need to do SEO then all are doing PPC in maximum price and get top of Google page.
Answered Jul 02, 2014
With PPC, you can get business from an individual but from SEO,you can earn business from many people.You would have potential for more business from SEO.It is good to see the business growing with SEO in the current time.Even you can loose money from PPC.
Use SMO to get direct traffic to a website.

Answered Jul 04, 2014
Yes of course in fact SEO is much cost effective method of promotion. The main difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) is that traffic coming from SEO organic is free while traffic generated from PPC is not free as the name implies you have to pay a cost per click. Visit Digitince to know more.
Answered Jun 10, 2015
SEO and PPC both are different. If you want to boost your traffic and get leads in short time, PPC is best suited for your campaign. But if you intend to get long term traffic, nothing can beat SEO. Both the results are shown separately and should not be mixed together. You can see PPC ads on First 3 positions and bottom 4 positions on the Google SERP. The result which is displayed in between Top and Bottom PPC results are called organic results which are achieved through your SEO efforts. SEO results stay long on Google SERP and of course free, but as soon as you stop putting money in your PPC campaigns, your ads will stop showing on Google. Big companies hire Reputed SEO agencies like Radon Media(https://www.radon-media.com/) and put their efforts in SEO as 70% audience clicks on SEO results and the conversion rate of SEO visitors is higher than that of PPC.
Answered Mar 19, 2018

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