How to smoke a cigarette for the first time/

Im going to try smoking a cigarette and im not sure how to do it without like gagging or choking like my cousin did. So how would I do this?
Asked Jun 28, 2014
Hey don't ! It's so unhealthy, you're surely gonna regret it later.
It leads to lung cancer !! and a no. of other ugly diseases.
Even if you smoke occasionally.
So I've never smoked but the first few times,
I think everyone chokes on the smoke. (Wow it rhymed !!)
- Best of Luck. :)
And I hope you don't smoke.
Answered Jun 29, 2014
My father smoked and he choked right away! Smoking is very unhealthy jt can lead to lung cancer he told me that smokes taste like lard crap what gets you addicted is the nicotine the cigarette tastes like crap the smoke smells horrible but the nicotine is what they want even one smoke can have permenantly damage you your breathing that crappy smoke into your lungs then out some smoke is bound to get stuck in there (I'm not a professional on this stuff) my father needed nicotine patches there really addicting so I guess just don't smoke
Answered Jun 29, 2014
Why not try the e-cigarette, it's safer. I would suggest you try a disposable electronic cigarette from MJTech E-Cigs first to see if they are right for you or not. Good luck and I hope that answers your question.
Answered Jul 03, 2014
Dont do it. Its unhealthy and dont say I will only do it once or whatever cause its addictive!!
Answered Jul 03, 2014
Oh Please, you heard everywhere and everyone telling how much smoking is bad for health, then why ? Here is a article on teenage smoking

Answered Jul 05, 2014
Personally I smoke cigarettes because I consider it to be a wonderful way to finish off a nice meal. It adds to the whole experience. It's also a great feeling having a few minutes of break from a stressful day, and sitting on a balcony late nights on wintertime with only some dimmed lights and watching the smoke wander through the air after each smoke breath is enjoyable similar to the way of watching clouds or stars in the sky, or sitting with a beer and a cigarette watching thunderstrikes on a rainy day.

However, it's best in the beginning. The sideeffects that will come after a while of smoking regularly, such as coughing very often and a light feeling of wanting to throw up (probably caused by all the coughing) sometimes makes me regret that I started smoking many years ago. It's actually easier to smoke in the beginning, before you start getting the physical problems.

So I don't recommend you to start smoking. Ecspecially not if you are under 18.

To answer your question: Try and not suck too hard or too long at once on the cigarette. Remove the cigarette from your mouth while inhaling to mix up the smoke in your mouth/lungs with some fresh air.

Answered Jul 05, 2014
I don't smoke and would like to advice you the same. Are you not aware about malefic effect of smoking? It is responsible for various cancers. So, its better to keep yourself away from such bad habit.
If you have strong craving for it you can try herbal incense. These are quite effective in quitting smoking and have same effect as traditional smoking product.
For more information about such products you can check out
Answered Sep 27, 2014

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